Art & Craft

To develop the aesthetic sense among the students varied creative works are done. Students are learning the concept of best out of waste in these classes. This makes them innovators and the students are coming up with new ideas to create new models which were been showcased as the part of our annual exhibition Vivindisha.


Games and sports help develop discipline. Therefore, it is considered as an integral part of the school curriculum. Sufficient numbers of playgrounds for outdoor as well as indoor games are been planned within the campus which will be opened very shortly for the use. Experienced physical trainers and athletes will be appointed in due course of time to develop athletic skills among the students.


Yoga/ Meditation

Yoga and meditation enhances focus, concentration, memory and strengthens the immune system, encourages respect for oneself and others and improves confidence and self-esteem of the child. The school promotes yoga and meditation to the students as it benefits the body, mind, and soul and therefore, helps to create an overall sense of well being among the students.

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Counselling at the school level plays an important role in enhancing student’s academic and personal development. The school has the active system of counseling students with close consultation with parents, teachers and other staff members.  An age-defined framework is adopted by the authority with goals and strategies to suit the need of the elementary and middle school students.

A developmental approach has followed that help the students to acquire the knowledge for successful mastery of the normal developmental tasks. Simple yet flexible methods are used after proper assessment as per the special needs of the student in order to enhance their personal and social development, decision making and problem-solving skills and guide them in education and career planning.